Manage your endometriosis completely naturally Discover the secrets shared by an ex-Stage 4 Endo sufferer

You've tried a host of dietary advice in trying to get your endo pain and symptoms under control. You've cut out a bunch of foods and all you've achieved in the process is to feel seriously deprived and stressed out because you feel like you're just not "doing it right" or you aren't being "strict enough".  

You've even shelled out tons of money on various supplements which all promised to be the miracle remedy to alleviate your endo pain and that nasty endo belly. 

But you're still in pain and endo still dominates your life.

Fortunately, there is more to managing endometriosis naturally than just diet and exercise. It involves looking at your whole body and all the components in your life to creating the perfect environment for healing. 

We call it the REACH Technique© and once you implement all the different components, you will start to understand the concept of holistic healing, versus simply trying a bunch of "natural" options.  

My 12 part video based program is designed to give you the depth of knowledge and understanding on how to treat endometriosis naturally by answering some of the bigger questions, few Naturopaths and other courses are able to do. We dive deep into understanding endometriosis specifically and go beyond just hormone imbalances, inflammation and treating symptoms. You will know your body and understand endometriosis like you have never done before. 

Once you have the insights and research, you will know the importance of why you need to address the imbalances in your body and where your focus should be when treating endometriosis naturally. 

Hint: it goes beyond your diet and a bunch of supplements! 

I will guide you week by week and each step will take you closer to living a pain & symptom free life


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Here's what I'll be sharing...

Module One (2 video lesson)

Foundations to Wellness

In this first module I cover off some of the basics on how to ensure your body feels well and looked after. You will discover the optimal time to sleep, how much water your body really needs and how to maximise your Vitamin D exposure. You will also learn about grounding and why we practice this to reduce inflammation in the body. 

Focus on Endometriosis

Here you will learn what areas of your body we are going to focus on to specifically address endometriosis symptoms and the research to show you why. We go beyond hormone imbalance as the only trigger for endometriosis and dive deep into understanding this condition better and how to address it at the root cause. 

Module Two (16 video lessons)

Replenish what is missing

Here you will dive deep on how to truly replenish your body with the right nutrients it needs to truly feel well. We are not just focusing on avoiding and eliminating a bunch of foods but are more concerned with what you are eating to specifically address the symptoms of endometriosis. You will learn how to use food as medicine to address the key elements of endometriosis, namely inflammation, hormone imbalance and the auto-immune component. 

You will discover:

* What foods trigger more pain and why

* How to eat to truly support healing and some of the key foods I eat on a daily basis to live pain & symptom free

* How specific elements within your diet dramatically reduce pain, cyst growth and inflammation within your body. 

* How to use foods to support hormone balance, lower inflammation and better support your immune system. You will also discover the fabulous mushrooms I found that aid in eating away the rogue cells of endo! 

Module Three (7 video lessons)

Exercise that endo pain away

We have been fed plenty of false information on exercise and particularly when it comes to exercising with endometriosis. Some forms of exercise are just not ideal when you have a body stuck with adhesions and experiencing hormone imbalances! 

You will discover:

* What forms are best for a women with endo

* How to honour your cycle and actually exercise in line with what suits women and not men!

* Get my fabulous morning exercise routine to loosen adhesions and tightness in your body.

* Learn why exercise is so important so you can stay motivated to do more of it to improve your health - this goes beyond the basics and specifically address those three endometriosis protocols we want to address. 

Module Four (9 video lessons)

Affirm love for yourself and your body

This module is really about looking at the emotional component and the mind/body connection to health. We explore ideas on stress and how stress demonstrates itself with poor health, lowered immune function and hormone imbalances. I then share some incredibly powerful ways to eliminate this emotional stress from the body with remarkable tools that will leave you feeling like a whole new person!

You will discover:

* Why stress causes you more pain, hormone imbalances and why it is so important to look at the Affirm module within your endo health journey. 

* Discover over 4 different tools I have used to dramatically reduce my stress by exploring the root causes of these triggers. 

* Learn how to finally love yourself, accept yourself and come to a place of contentment within your life. 

* Get some fabulous extra bonuses within this module including meditation practices and a wonderful morning routine shown to dramatically improve energy and get your hormones back to normal. 

Module Five (17 video lessons)

Cleanse and regain balance

Toxins come in many forms and play havoc with the natural balance of health within your body. You simply won't feel good when there are too many toxins within your body. These could come in the form of heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, fungi, lead and other environmental toxins.  

You will discover:

* Why toxins are so bad for us and how to avoid them where we can. 

* How to truly support every organ in your body to efficiently eliminate toxins, from your skin through to your kidneys and of course your liver. 

* Learn about SIBO, HPylori, Leaky Gut, Poor liver function, MTHFR and methylation. Understand why these components affect endometriosis and more importantly, discover effective techniques to get your body back into balance and fix what is going on. 

* Follow protocols I have tested and used to finally clear your body of all these many toxins, safely and effectively without spending money on things that don't work and haven't been proven with proper research. 

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